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Well I am sure you are all enjoying the wonderful bounty of this summer’s fruit and vegetables, maybe you are even putting away some wonderful Ontario tomatoes and cucumbers for the winter days ahead. Personally I can’t get enough of the juicy Ontario peaches available right now!


But we wouldn’t have all this enjoyment if not for the role of a tiny, familiar insect - the bee, whose role in pollination is needed for plants to reproduce - so many plants depend on bees or other insects in this way. While bees are not responsible for all food production - which is also done by the wind or other pollinating animals, for example birds, bats, but they nonetheless play a very significant part.


Did you know there are about 1,000 bee species in Canada? Some have been here for a long time, others are new arrivals.


They all contribute immensely to agriculture and our food sources and are a vital resource in our ecosystem and food web. Who doesn’t like honey? I learned that it takes one bee to make just 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime – so much work, and maybe we take it all for granted! We are effectively consuming the nectar of the gods!


As you may have noticed, bee population decline has been in the headlines. While bees as a class of insect have not been added to the endangered species list, with the exception of seven species of Hawaiian yellow-faced bees which were recently added to the list in the US, and in Canada the Rusty-patched bumble bee (pictured below).

Yes! We love selling real estate, but the reason we do it better than most, I believe, is because we approach everyone and each other with this mission in mind: You Matter. This way of thinking means we must go beyond what is required.


One of my favorite restaurants in Ottawa, Pure Kitchen, calls it 2nd Mile Service. I call it a better way to work and live. This may help explain why we also do things differently than other real estate companies, like donating portions of our income to worthy causes.


And Remember….Your referrals help preserve Nature...


We have a goal of raising $5,000 for the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). We do this by donating a portion of our income from homes we sell. NCC does amazing work, I encourage you to check their website!

Oh, by the way, who is the next person you know that is likely to buy a home or sell a home? Please refer them to me without hesitation. They will receive the guarantee detailed above and you can feel extra good about this knowing that your referrals will help preserve nature!


Who is the next person you know that is likely to buy or sell a home you could refer to my real estate sales team?


Your Referrals help protect nature.


See our next issue of Feels Like Home for part ii about bees, where I share the amazing insights of a relative who has been a beekeeper for over 20 years.


And remember,  your referrals help preserve nature.


With all my appreciation,

Heather Rothman, CEO

Rothman Home Team - Your Home Sold Guaranteed or I’ll Buy It!


P.S I’m hoping that at the same time as we ensure a home for our bees – I can find the ideal home for you!

Maybe at your home you’d like to undertake a special fall project? How about building a bee hotel – a home for bees?  Our native bees are non-swarming and non-aggressive.

They're in need of homes and could benefit from a bit of your special care. You can easily find instructions on the internet or your local library.


Why I Support the Nature Conservancy Canada ?      


Even when I was a kid – growing up on a farm in Southern Ontario - with a vast garden and an apple orchard - I already knew you need bees to make it grow. And now with talk of bee species being threatened, I just know that if we can’t keep our bees we face a barren land.


The more research I started doing I found that there have been dramatic changes in our environment over the past few years, which, if left unattended, could have harsh consequences.

The Nature Conservancy Canada needs funding - The Nature Conservancy Canada and our planet rely on donations for survival, and we are happy to contribute and be proud of supporting Nature Conservancy Canada.



Heather Rothman

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